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How To Stop your Dog Barking


Knowing how to stop your dog barking is an essential skill for pet owners, especially if you want to stay on friendly terms with your neighbors.

Barking is a completely normal communication method for dogs. However, in some cases, it can become excessive. Rather than punishing your dog for chatting, reward quiet and address what it is your dog is trying to communicate with you!

Listen to Your Dog

Language barriers can be hard. Rather than focusing on how to stop your dog barking, try to keep in mind your dog may be trying to communicate with you.

Barking due to boredom is a common problem, especially for dogs who have long periods of alone time. The best way to counteract this is to provide stimulation for your dog. Make sure to take your dog on plenty of walks or consider contacting a local dog walker.

Get creative with your dog’s environment, build an obstacle course or hide treats in the garden.

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Make the Most of Their Willingness to Chat!

When wondering how to stop your dog from barking it seems counterintuitive to TEACH them to do it. However, this is exactly what you should do!

Teach your dog to “speak” and reward them when they follow this command. The key is the next step! Once your dog has this action mastered, give them the “speak” command, followed by “hush”.  If following this command your dog is quiet give them a reward.

Make sure to give them this within 3 seconds to ensure they associate the reward with the behavior.

Repeat this training often and eventually, you will be able to use this command to focus and quieten your dog.

Help Your Dog to Demystify the Stimulus

Often dogs will bark at something new or unusual to them. Puppy preschools or socialization classes are an excellent way for your puppy to interact with all kinds of dogs and people. As well as being lots of fun, this is a great way to desensitize them to other dogs.

Other common triggers are

  • People in sunglasses, hats or hoodies
  • Cyclists
  • Other animals

Continue to expose your dog to the stimulus that causes them to bark. Rather than reinforce the behavior by showing them positive attention while they bark, redirect their energy. Offer a command that is incompatible with barking such as “hush” or “sit” and reward this behavior.

How To Stop Your Dog Barking – Tips for the Day

Follow these steps and you can learn how to stop your dog barking and keep your neighbors happy!

  • Use distraction and training rather than punishment
  • Combat boredom and provide your pup with toys and mental stimulation
  • Tire out your dog, ensure your dog receives plenty of exercise
  • Make the most out of puppy preschools and seek social opportunities for your pet

Trying to figure out how to stop your dog barking can be daunting but with these simple steps, it can be done!

VIDEO: Five Step-By-Step Exercises to Stop Your Dog Barking

Does your dog exhibit any of the following habits:

  1. Barks at the front door
  2. Runs up and down the fence line barking
  3. Constantly barks while out on walks
  4. Barks for attention
  5. Barking while in the car
  6. Barks at other dogs and or people
  7. Has places around the home s/he barks
  8. Cries or Barks when left home alone

Then we recommend that you watch this video, five step-by-step exercises to stop your dog barking.

How to stop your dog barking video
This video opens in a new window, watch to the end for a bonus offer!

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