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About Us

Warwick JonesHi, my name is Warwick, welcome to my website about dog training.

Okay, so here’s the thing, you and I both know that the internet is full of dog training courses so why create yet another one?

Well, hopefully, you will find that this website delivers on its promise to provide quality dog training tips, advice, and courses that are easy to follow and produce the desired outcome – a well-trained dog owner.  A dog owner who is confident they can train and control their dog in any situation.

Yes, you read that correctly, it was not a typo. I said “a well-trained dog owner” because a high percentage of all dog behavior issues have nothing to do with the dog. Dogs are born to love unconditionally and follow the pack leader. They will do everything within their power to please their master.

They will, however, pick up bad habits because of not being trained – not having boundaries set for example. And when a dog owner gets angry and frustrated at not being able to control their dog, they blame the dog. And when a DOG becomes frustrated by mixed messages and commands it does not understand from its owner… you know how it ends!

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You pay the same price whether you got to their website via an organic search for that product or service, or via a link on this website.

I have tried to include the words [Affiliate Link] beside the links which earn me a commission so that you can make an informed choice before clicking through to that third-party website. But I am only human and may have missed one or two – please let me know if you find one that is not marked. Thank you.

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