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Is Pet Insurance Worth It For Your Dog


As a responsible dog owner, I often have this interanal diolgue with myself about insuring my dog. Each year when I get the pet insurance policy reminder I ask myself “is Pet Insurance worth it?

However, my answer is usually yes. I have seen many pet owners struggle with the heartbreak of not being unable to afford the best vet treatment for their loved pet. I also know just how important pet insurance is.

Why Is Pet Insurance Worth It

Not only is pet insurance worth it, you need to get it the same day as you collect your puppy! And here’s why…

When we brought home our beautiful new puppy recently, organizing pet insurance was obviously on my list of things to do.

In the first few hours, which turned into days, it was full on adjsuting to this little fella in the house. He was just so cute, we whiled away many an hour, as we played. bonded and began house training etc. So finding the time to make a phone call just didn’t happen!

I quickly learnt my lesson when 4 days after bringing our fluffy friend home (and falling deeply in love with him!) our mischevious pup found and ate slug bait!

Chester was rushed to the vet hospital in a flurry of panic and admitted overnight for treatment.

Although he was his happy self in the morning, my wallet was worse for wear! The vets’ bill in this case was about four months worth of pet insurance premiums. However, if we had been ten minutes later we would have ended up at the after hours clinic. The cost there would have been 3 times that.

This was an expensive, and timely reminder of the importance of pet insurance! And that is why, in my opinion, the answer to the question “Is pet insurance worth it” is YES!

Get The Best Veterinary Treatment

Many owners make the mistake of thinking that their young puppy does not need pet insurance (or make my mistake of not getting around to organising it!) In reality the puppy days are the best time to insure your pet.

Accidents such as traffic accidents, poisonings or injury are very common with the potential to be incredibly expensive!

Seeing your pet injured or in pain can be devastating. Pet insurance means that following an accident you can focus on providing your pet with love, affection and the very best veterinary treatment available.

Insure Now and Reap The Rewards Later!

As your puppy ages and enters their golden years they may develop conditions associated with age such as heart disease and arthritis.

By insuring your puppy while they are young and healthy you are providing cover for these diseases as they develop.

Unfortunately, for dog owners who wait until their dogs are older before getting pet insurance may find that any pre-existing conditions or diseases will not be covered by their insurer.

How To Select Pet Insurance

Things to consider when selecting the company to choose for pet insurance are

  • Does the company have breed specific exclusions? – Certain breeds may have genetic predispositions to certain conditions, such as hip dysplasia in German Shepherds. Some companies will not cover these due to the increased risk of your pet developing them. My advice would be to look for a company that does not have these exclusions.
  • Is your pet covered for life? Chronic, re-occurring or lifelong conditions such as diabetes mellitus or heart disease will incur an on-going expense. While some companies offer genuine, “covered for life” cover, others may have caps or limits for chronic conditions.
  • What will the excess on your plan be?
  • Does your selected insurance company offer discounts for numerous pets?
  • Compare costs with value for money. The average cost of pet insurance works out to be a few coffees a week. Considering that a major orthopaedic surgery can cost over $8000 that’s great value for money!

Pet Insurance Is Worth It – For The Peace of Mind Alone

As I learnt the hard way, your puppy will quickly become a loved member of your family, but accidents can happen anytime!

Pet insurance offers peace of mind that if the unthinkable happens you can provide them with the best veterinary treatment and care.

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