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Stop a Dog Eating Food Off The Table

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Knowing how to stop a dog eating food off the table is quite simple – when you know how!

There is nothing worse than preparing the most delicious, perfect sandwich… then returning with a drink and rumbling tummy to realize your dog has helped themselves!

Although you can make more sandwiches, and it may seem funny in hindsight, your dog swiping food is no laughing matter.

Human food can upset your dog’s digestion system, and some can even be toxic for your pup.

For more on toxic food for dogs see our article What Foods Are Toxic To Dogs

It is essential that your dog learns appropriate boundaries when it comes to food, tables, and counters.

How to Stop a Dog Eating Food off the Table

Set Clear Boundaries For Your Dog

With the exclusion of treats during training sessions, your dog should only ever eat food from their bowl.

Set your dog up with their own “meal area,” away from the hustle and bustle of the household. Make sure to only feed your dog in his/her “meal area”. That means no table scraps or sneaky titbits!

Make your dog earn their food. It isn’t as harsh as it sounds; in fact, studies show that dogs enjoy food more when they receive it as a reward for good behavior. That’s right they have an innate desire to please & work!

At mealtimes ask your dog to “sit” and “wait” for their food. After a few seconds have passed allow them to “eat”. Use clear, consistent commands.

Deter Your Dog From Jumping

If your cheeky pup has a habit of jumping up on your counter or bench you need to make it clear to them that this behavior is not acceptable.

If you catch your pup in the act respond with a firm “No.” Gently lift your dog down and pop them on the floor. If they repeat the behavior remove them from the kitchen.

Remember: Your dog loves your company, so as your dog learns that “bad” behavior means missing out on precious time with you, they will soon stop.

The best way to stop this behavior ASAP is to monitor your dog in the kitchen at all times. But, if this is not possible & your sneaky pup is hopping up when there when you aren’t around, try this trick!

Pop something up on the bench that will fall and frighten her when knocked. Empty soda cans, milk bottles or even crinkly foil wrap can make an unpleasant noise to deter your dog from jumping.

It might take a few days or weeks to sink in for your dog. But, pretty soon, s/he will figure out very quickly that when s/he jumps up to snatch a meal, s/he is going to be greeted with a loud, unpleasant sound.

Stay Consistent

The dream of turning your dog into the perfect dog is attainable with the right consistency and patience.

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