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Leader of the Pack Dog Training


If you have a dog and have not done any leader of the pack dog training, then you are setting yourself up for failure as a dog owner. And you are letting your dog down.


Because if your dog thinks that they are the pack leader, then you will never be able to control them. They will pull on the leash, they will bark at anything and everyone, they will crap and pee wherever they want and race to the door when someone knocks.

As you begin training your dog the most important part of the formula is how to be the pack leader. This is essential for long-term success, great training, and an excellent relationship with your dog!

Leader of the pack dog training is NOT about being aggressive. You can gently become the pack leader without scaring or intimidating your dog.

Pack Leaders In The Wild

To understand your dog you need to keep in mind their background – dogs have evolved from wolves.

Although it can sometimes be hard to believe, especially when looking at a chihuahua, 99.8% of dog DNA is from wolves.

So when you look at how dogs operate it is no wonder that their thought processes are often different from ours!

In the wild, there is an alpha male and female, these are the wolves that make all the big decisions, with the respect of the rest of the pack. The alphas also discipline pack members that get out of line, protect their den & pack.

Why You Need To Become The Pack Leader

With this in mind, think about your relationship with your dog. Too often, owners are just not the pack leader – meaning it is instead their dog!

This is where SO many owners training issues stem from – a dog that thinks they are in charge!

That is why the first step in dog training is for the owner to undertake some “leader of the pack dog training”.

Growling, barking at noises, aggression towards other people and dogs often comes down to a dog that thinks they are the alpha- and is trying to protect their pack!

If your dog thinks they are in charge you may also find that your dog begins trying to discipline you! Your dog may growl at you by their food bowl demanding to be fed.

Other dogs will growl at an owner who is attempting to correct THEIR behavior – such as jumping up on furniture.

Dogs who are the pack leader can often appear highly strung and anxious, unable to switch off and relax.

Leader of the Pack Dog Training

Think about it from your dog’s point of view – they, the Alpha, jumps on the couch, only to have you attempt to correct their behavior. No wonder they look at you with a look on their face that says “just who do you think you are!?”

Being the pack leader is the answer to your dog training journey to be successful.

Learn how to be the pack leader and your dog will happily find their place in your family, training will be SO much easier and you will have your dog’s respect.

Leader of The Pack Dog Training

Becoming the pack leader is NOT about aggression, yelling or scaring your dog. Instead, this training method should be gentle, providing a solid bond and base for you and your dog.

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